Grieving Your Own Taxes

You can do it yourself ...
My name is Jim and I successfully grieved my own taxes.  I'm a software engineer with a wife, two boys,
two cats and a house.  I have no experience in real estate or tax law, but I was able to put together a case
that I was told at the final small claims hearing was, "perfect; just what we're looking for" by the town
representative.  By sharing my experiences, this Web site and its documents will help you do it too.  And
if you're here, chances are you've been searching for information on how the process works.  If so, you
know there's very little useful information out there.

Why listen to me? In 2007 we had some renovations done to our house that resulted in our 'assessed
value' jumping from 2860 to 6100.  This equates to a total assessment of $570,093 from $267,289 and a
tax increase from $3,600 to $10,811.  Almost triple !!!  We didn't do nearly that much work.  By grieving my
assessment, I was able to reduce our assessed value to 4922 which equates to $460,000, which is
exactly what I'd asked for.  This translates to about a $4,500 reduction in taxes.  Obviously this is a very
large reduction since we had a large assessment increase from our renovations.  But clearly, I was able
to present a concise and articulate case in precisely the format they wanted.

Am I doing this from the goodness of my heart?  Of course not.  As much as I like helping my fellow
man, I'm also a capitalist in the greatest country on earth.  It takes a lot of time and energy away from my
family and hobbies to put this information together, and I think some small compensation is fair and
justified.  It is my intention to provide half of my information on the process up front for free.  You can fairly
evaluate whether you think this is useful information, and if so, $50 gets you the rest.  I will show and
explain all documents and methods that led me down my successful path.

Why do it yourself?  Why not hire a grievance service?
  • You can give your own case the careful attention to detail that it needs and
  • You save $100s or $1,000s in grievance service fees.
  • The grievance service doesn't profit if you lose.  And time is money.  Since
    their fee is based on collecting something, they are likely to be very
    conservative in their pitch.
  • Perfect timing  !!!  The housing market is bad and getting worse.  This is the
    best  time in years (maybe ever) to grieve your assessment.
So where's the info?
I've only just launched this Web site October 8, 2008.  I got delayed for a variety of
reasons related to the economic downturn, but I'm back on the job and expect to have
everything posted sometime in January 2009.
 Please bookmark this site and check
back.  Or send me an email via Contact Us and I'll let you know when it's available.  
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How To Grieve
Your Taxes

(You can do it; I did.)